Don't Fear The Scooter

My New Product Line Shop: Shop: Shop:+t-shirts This is a used 2007 (also current model) Vespa LX150 Scooter. My wife and I go touring in our motor home and we take the Piaggio with us on a bike rack on the back, we have just come back from Spain where we spent 7 months there, during that time we did over 7000 kilometres on our Piaggio and although this scooter was is not built for touring we found that 150 mile round trip was quite bearable, once you got acclimatised to it, it performed very well with two up, with an amazing 73mpg, not bad for two 12 stone heavyweights on, and one Yorkshire Terrier in the top box, Just had to take it easy on the bends, I must take my hat off to Piaggio, it performed far better that I was led to believe.

The LX 150 lets you do an impressive highway like 59 mph to get you where you want to go, fast. I ride enough that I am putting car variety mileage on the scooter so I am interested in years of use rather than just miles. I'm not sure what the actual breakin requirements are for the LX50 but I suspect they are similar to the LX150.

Classic Vespa looks with a modern engine. The Vespa LX 150 makes 11.5 horsepower which is considerably more than the 50cc version. With a new engine, aluminium cylinder and 5 intake ports, but the design was also new, particularly at the rear and around the front headlamp which incorporated an aggressive dome with a small Plexiglas windscreen.

Both S models include different styling, no enclosed glovebox and a smaller sporty seat. 2005 saw the introduction of the still-curvy-but-less-bulbous LX series of scooters. After some time there was need for 50cc model for young people. Vespa 50 Special as in 1969 successfully sold, the design is almost not changed but the technical component has undergone changes in the form of an electric starter and that was the most special feature of this model.

Everywhere I went people simply had to ask me a few questions or relate their own Vespa experiences to me. The 150 is exactly what I'd imagine a modern Vespa should look like… they kept a few visual cues from the days of old and simply brought the rest of the design forward with modern flowing lines.

Vespa LX 125 prices start at Rs. 75,440 (Ex-Showroom). After some buzzing around (Vespa” means top box wasp in Italian) in the immediate vicinity, it became clear that most of us prefer the 150. In many ways than one, our colleague's LX 150 is indeed a gem in its own right.

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